1: Indulge in Canada's holiday feast with traditional Christmas dishes that warm the soul.

2: Taste the savory goodness of tourtière, a meat pie filled with ground pork and spices.

3: Satisfy your sweet tooth with butter tarts, a Canadian favorite dessert with gooey filling.

4: Dig into a holiday classic, roast turkey, with all the trimmings like cranberry sauce.

5: Enjoy the buttery goodness of mashed potatoes, a staple side dish during Christmas.

6: Delight in pouding chômeur, a maple syrup pudding that's perfect for the season.

7: Don't forget the festive drink, eggnog, spiked with rum or bourbon for extra cheer.

8: Warm up with split pea soup, a comforting dish that's perfect for colder months.

9: Celebrate the holidays with these delicious Canadian Christmas dishes that bring joy and warmth.