1: Introduction Discover how Russian cuisine has made its mark on Canadian culture, from borscht to blini.

2: History Explore the historical ties between Russia and Canada through shared culinary traditions.

3: Borscht Learn how this hearty beet soup has become a staple in Canadian households.

4: Pelmeni Delve into the delicious world of Russian dumplings and their growing popularity in Canada.

5: Blini Indulge in the delicate flavors of Russian pancakes and their impact on Canadian brunch culture.

6: Caviar Uncover the luxury of Russian caviar and its influence on Canadian fine dining.

7: Vodka Raise a glass to Russia's iconic spirit and its presence in Canadian bars and restaurants.

8: Tea Culture Experience the Russian tradition of tea drinking and its growing popularity in Canadian cafes.

9: Fusion Cuisine See how Russian ingredients and techniques are blending with Canadian dishes for a unique culinary experience.