1: "Introduction to the Mediterranean Diet" Discover the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet for liver health.

2: "Healthy Fats" Learn how the diet's focus on olive oil can improve liver function.

3: "Antioxidant-rich Foods" Find out how fruits and vegetables in the diet protect the liver.

4: "Lean Proteins" See how fish and poultry in the Mediterranean Diet support liver health.

5: "Whole Grains" Explore how whole grains help reduce liver inflammation.

6: "Moderate Alcohol Consumption" Understand the impact of controlled wine consumption on liver function.

7: "Reduced Sugar Intake" Learn how the Mediterranean Diet's low sugar content benefits the liver.

8: "Healthy Herbs and Spices" Discover how herbs like parsley and spices like turmeric promote liver health.

9: "Conclusion" Wrap up with a summary of how the Mediterranean Diet can positively impact liver health.