1: Olivia Wilde swears by vitamin C for boosting immunity and collagen production.

2: Turmeric is Olivia Wilde's go-to supplement for reducing inflammation and promoting overall wellness.

3: Probiotics are essential for gut health, according to Olivia Wilde's health routine.

4: Fish oil is a staple in Olivia Wilde's diet for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

5: Magnesium helps Olivia Wilde relax and supports muscle function in her active lifestyle.

6: Adaptogens like ashwagandha are key for Olivia Wilde to manage stress and improve mood.

7: B vitamins are vital for energy production and mental clarity in Olivia Wilde's health regimen.

8: Zinc is a favorite supplement of Olivia Wilde for immune support and skin health.

9: Coenzyme Q10 is essential for heart health and energy production in Olivia Wilde's daily routine.