1: "Introduction to Mediterranean Diet" Discover the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for immune support. Learn about key ingredients and Mediterranean lifestyle habits.

2: "Healthy Fats" Olive oil and fatty fish are staple ingredients in the Mediterranean diet. These healthy fats can help boost your immune system.

3: "Colorful Fruits and Vegetables" Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, colorful fruits and vegetables play a key role in supporting a healthy immune system.

4: "Whole Grains and Legumes" Fiber-rich whole grains and legumes in the Mediterranean diet help promote gut health and support your immune system.

5: "Lean Proteins" Lean proteins like chicken and legumes provide essential nutrients for a strong immune system when following the Mediterranean diet.

6: "Herbs and Spices" Herbs and spices like garlic and turmeric are used in Mediterranean cooking to enhance flavor and boost immunity.

7: "Probiotic Foods" Yogurt and fermented foods are included in the Mediterranean diet to support a healthy gut microbiome and strengthen the immune system.

8: "Hydration and Lifestyle" Staying hydrated and incorporating Mediterranean lifestyle habits like regular exercise and stress management are essential for immune support.

9: "Meal Planning" Learn how to create nutritious and balanced Mediterranean diet meal plans to optimize immune support and overall health.