1: Olivia Wilde's top tip for family meals? Get the kids involved! From choosing recipes to grocery shopping, make it a team effort.

2: Family-friendly favorites like veggie stir-fry or homemade pizza are fun to make together. Plus, kids are more likely to eat what they help prepare!

3: Olivia prioritizes fresh, whole foods to keep her family healthy. Get inspired with colorful produce and lean proteins for balanced meals.

4: Teach kids about food by involving them in meal planning. Try themed nights like Taco Tuesday or Pasta Night for variety and excitement.

5: Encourage kids to try new foods by making it a game. Create a reward system for tasting something new, and celebrate their bravery.

6: Mealtime is family time. Make it a bonding experience by sharing stories, playing games, and enjoying each other's company without distractions.

7: Incorporate fun traditions like weekly Sunday brunch or DIY smoothie bowls. Keep mealtime exciting and something to look forward to.

8: Find inspiration from Olivia's family dinners by exploring different cuisines together. Have a taco night or sushi-making party for a change of pace.

9: Make healthy eating a habit by setting a good example. Show your kids that nutritious food can be delicious and enjoyable for the whole family.