1: Introduction to Mediterranean Diet Avoid pitfalls like excessive red meat consumption to stay true to the heart-healthy Mediterranean way of eating.

2: Overindulging in Olive Oil Moderation is key when enjoying the benefits of olive oil on the Mediterranean diet.

3: Skipping Whole Grains Incorporate whole grains like quinoa and farro to boost fiber and nutrients on the Mediterranean diet.

4: Too Much Dairy Opt for Greek yogurt or feta in small amounts to avoid excess dairy intake on the Mediterranean diet.

5: Lack of Variety in Produce Diversify your plate with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to maximize nutrition on the Mediterranean diet.

6: Ignoring Portion Sizes Practice mindful eating and portion control to prevent overeating on the Mediterranean diet.

7: Relying on Processed Foods Stick to whole, fresh ingredients and minimize processed foods for optimal health on the Mediterranean diet.

8: Forgetting to Hydrate Stay hydrated with plenty of water and herbal teas to support overall wellness on the Mediterranean diet.

9: Missing out on Physical Activity Incorporate regular exercise to complement the Mediterranean diet for a holistic approach to health and wellness.