1: Introduction to Yang Tai Chi for Flexibility Discover the ancient art of Yang Tai Chi and its benefits for improving flexibility.

2: Horse Stance Strengthen your legs and improve lower body flexibility with the Horse Stance pose.

3: Cloud Hands Enhance overall flexibility and balance with the flowing movements of Cloud Hands.

4: Golden Rooster Improve hip flexibility and balance with the graceful Golden Rooster pose.

5: Wave Hands Like Clouds Increase flexibility in the arms and shoulders with the fluid Wave Hands Like Clouds pose.

6: Brush Knee Twist Step Enhance leg and hip flexibility with the flowing motions of Brush Knee Twist Step.

7: Snake Creeps Down Improve spine and leg flexibility with the gentle stretching of Snake Creeps Down.

8: Single Whip Enhance upper body flexibility and core strength with the powerful Single Whip pose.

9: Closing Form Complete your Yang Tai Chi practice with the Closing Form pose for improved flexibility and relaxation.