Thrive Dental Business Conference-November 16-17, 2017

By September 10, 2017 December 29th, 2017 blog

As experts in the business of dental office construction and renovation, Davood, our president and CEO has been invited to share his knowledge in cost strategies when it comes to setting up a dental office whether it is a renovation or fit outs at Thrive Dental business conference.

As part of his talk he will cover 5 key categories listed below:

  1. Feasibility study for new office (zoning, structural, mechanical and electrical)
  2. Permit processing and construction management process
  3. Design (Independent designer, vs. Dental supplier designer)
  4. Equipment (what is the best Buy)
  5. Things that no one talks about but it cost time and money

This is the first dental business conference in Canada, and we are proud and honoured to be part of it, and provide dentists with sound information about how they can increase the profitability of their practices through sounds advice and strategies.