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How Construction Businesses Can Utilize Esports Marketing Strategies

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Over the last two decades, marketing has become a trailblazer, with businesses needing to adopt new methods and techniques to stay ahead. Each industry has its own set of marketing tools and strategies, finding new ways to grab the audience’s attention. One prominent evolution in the world of marketing is esports. Industries like construction, finance, and other traditional businesses can learn a lot from esports. Construction, one of the oldest types of businesses, usually doesn’t focus much on marketing plans.

However, with over 23 million construction companies globally, competition is fierce. This is why adopting new techniques is more important than ever. We will explore the world of esports, particularly the game Dota 2, and see what construction businesses can learn from its marketing strategies.

The Rise of Dota 2

Dota 2, or Defense of the Ancients 2, is a multiplayer online battle arena game created in 2013. It has done incredibly well, not just because of the game’s enjoyment but also due to its simple marketing strategies. Let’s look at how Dota 2’s marketing rulebook can help your construction business.

Building a Community

How Dota 2 Does It

Dota 2 excels at building a community. The game thrives on bringing in new players through community events, loyalty rewards, and regular updates via social channels. This keeps old users engaged and attracts new players to esports competitions.

Applying This to Construction

While construction is far from esports, you can still build strong relationships with clients. Use updates, community events, and even pop-up events to create a sense of appreciation and loyalty among customers. This can help create returning customers, which is challenging in the construction industry. A proper marketing schedule can help maintain these relationships.

Using Digital Platforms for Growth

How Dota 2 Does It

Dota 2 uses platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and X (formerly Twitter) to build its brand name and reach new players. Their “play-focused” approach talks to players as if you are one of them.


Applying This to Construction

First, find your target customer by conducting a full brand and personal analysis of your business. Then use social media, YouTube, and webinars to reach a wider audience. Add behind-the-scenes content, project walkthroughs, and client testimonial videos to bring personality to your social presence. This shows real-world experiences to potential customers.

Creating a Brand Voice and Using Storytelling

How Dota 2 Does It

Dota 2 uses a brand narrative around its tournaments, famous player stories, and in-game stories. This captivates the audience and builds excitement.

Applying This to Construction

Create a simple yet compelling story around your construction projects. Use regular updates and video footage to show processes from concept to completion. This can attract potential new clients who watch the creation of a construction site. Humanize your marketing strategy by sharing challenges, highs, and lows, letting potential customers see your success stories and completed projects.


Esports and construction might seem worlds apart, but the core aspects of esports marketing strategies can align perfectly with any brand wanting to succeed. By incorporating these ideas and creating a fresh perspective, your construction brand can grow and get ahead in this ever-expanding industry.


  1. How can esports marketing strategies benefit construction businesses? Esports marketing strategies can help construction businesses build strong client relationships, use digital platforms effectively, and create compelling brand stories.
  2. What is community building in esports marketing? Community building in esports involves engaging with users through events, rewards, and social media to create a loyal and active user base.
  3. How can digital platforms be used for construction marketing? Digital platforms can be used for sharing behind-the-scenes content, project walkthroughs, and client testimonials to reach a wider audience and add personality to the brand.
  4. Why is storytelling important in construction marketing? Storytelling humanizes the marketing strategy, showing the process and challenges of construction projects, which can attract potential clients and create a sense of involvement.
  5. What can construction businesses learn from Dota 2’s marketing strategies? Construction businesses can learn to build a community, use digital platforms for growth, and create a strong brand voice through storytelling from Dota 2’s marketing strategies.
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