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How to Leverage Fieldwire for Safety on the Job Site

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Jobsite safety should always be the top priority for construction teams. Establishing and maintaining strong safety standards is essential to protect workers and ensure project success. Fieldwire, a powerful construction management tool, can help teams track and resolve safety issues efficiently, fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

The Importance of Jobsite Safety

Safety is crucial in construction because it protects workers and prevents costly disruptions. Injuries can delay projects and harm workers’ well-being, affecting their families too. Effective safety programs focus on preventing hazards before they cause harm, which builds trust and improves overall business operations.

How Fieldwire Assists with Safety on the Jobsite

Fieldwire offers several features to enhance jobsite safety:

  1. Track Safety Observations: Use photos and comments in tasks on plans to document safety issues.
  2. Store Safety Resources: Access safety and health resources even offline.
  3. Assign Tasks: Assign safety-related tasks to responsible parties and track their resolution.
  4. Analyze Safety Trends: Use the Graphs view to identify and address recurring safety issues.
  5. Send Emergency Alerts: Project-wide notifications can be used for emergency alerts.

Configuring Your Fieldwire Project for Safety Tracking

Let’s set up Fieldwire for a project, ensuring safety tracking is seamless and effective.

1. Create Categories for Hazard Types

Start by configuring Task Categories to keep tasks organized. Create categories for different types of hazards, which helps identify safety trends and streamline issue reporting.

2. Create Tags for Subcontractors

Use Task Tags to indicate the subcontractors involved in your project. This makes it easier to track which subcontractor is responsible for specific safety tasks. You can import a list of subcontractors to save time.

3. Upload Project Site Plans

Upload your project site plans to the Plans tab in Fieldwire. These plans provide location context for safety issues, making it easier to identify and resolve hazards.

Tracking and Resolving Safety Hazards

Once your project is set up, you can start tracking and resolving safety hazards.


1. Create Tasks on Plans

Document safety incidents or observations by creating tasks on the relevant area of the plan. Clearly title the task, select the appropriate category, and add subcontractor tags using the ‘#’ symbol. Set the task status and priority to ensure timely resolution.

2. Assign Responsible Parties

Assign tasks to internal team members or subcontractors. They will receive automatic notifications when assigned. You can add ‘Watchers’ to keep others informed about the task’s progress. Use messages and photos to communicate and document the issue.

3. Confirm with OSHA Standards

Access OSHA regulations and other safety resources in the Files tab. Link these resources to relevant tasks and plans for quick reference. This centralized documentation ensures compliance and easy access for your team.

Identifying and Preventing Safety Issues

Track and analyze safety data to prevent future issues.

1. Use Task Dashboards and Graphs

Fieldwire’s Task dashboards and Graphs view provide insights into safety trends. Identify common issues and take proactive measures to prevent them. For example, if fall protection incidents are frequent, hold a safety stand-down or put up informational posters.

2. Use Project-wide Notifications

Conduct safety stand-downs to address recurring hazards. Use Fieldwire’s project-wide email notification to alert the team about the meeting. Include details like location and time, and send reminders to ensure attendance.


  1. What is Fieldwire?
    • Fieldwire is a construction management tool that helps track and resolve safety issues on the jobsite.
  2. How does Fieldwire improve jobsite safety?
    • It allows you to document safety observations, assign tasks, store resources, and analyze safety trends.
  3. What are Task Categories and Tags in Fieldwire?
    • Task Categories organize safety issues by type, and Tags indicate responsible subcontractors, making tracking easier.
  4. How can Fieldwire help with compliance?
    • It provides easy access to OSHA standards and other safety resources, ensuring your team follows regulations.
  5. What are project-wide notifications?
    • They are alerts sent to the entire project team, useful for emergency alerts or scheduling safety meetings.


Jobsite safety is crucial for protecting workers and ensuring successful projects. Fieldwire helps construction teams track and resolve safety issues efficiently. By setting up Task Categories and Tags, uploading site plans, and using dashboards and graphs, teams can identify and prevent hazards. Effective communication and compliance with safety standards are key to creating a safer work environment. Using Fieldwire, construction professionals can build trust, improve operations, and ensure a safer jobsite for everyone.

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