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How to Fill the Skills Gap in Construction

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Finding skilled workers is a big problem in the construction industry today. As older workers retire, fewer young people are joining the field. To keep building and improving our cities, we need to attract new talent. This article will explore how to engage young people, recruit underrepresented groups, and develop current workers to close the skills gap in construction.

The Current Situation

The job market has seen some improvements, but the construction industry still struggles to find skilled workers. Many construction firms have open positions they can’t fill, especially for craft jobs. This problem is made worse by the high number of retirements, with 10,000 people leaving the workforce each day.

The Growing Need for Workers

As more people move to places like Texas, the need for construction workers increases. Texas has seen a huge population growth, leading to more building projects. To keep up with this demand, we need to recruit and train more workers quickly.

Engaging Young People Early

To attract young people to construction, we need to change their perceptions of the industry. Partnering with schools and offering programs like the ACE Mentor Program can help. This program introduces high school students to careers in architecture, construction, and engineering through hands-on learning and mentorship.

Recruiting Underrepresented Groups

Most construction workers are white men, but there are many untapped groups who could excel in this field. Women, minorities, and veterans are underrepresented in construction. By reaching out to these groups through schools, community organizations, and career fairs, we can show them the opportunities available in construction.


Developing Internal Talent

Many of the best potential workers are already in the construction industry. Upskilling current employees by offering training and certifications can help fill gaps. This not only improves their skills but also makes them more loyal and agile employees.

Showcasing Technology

The construction industry has changed a lot with new technologies. Highlighting tools like drones, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence can attract tech-savvy young people. Showing the innovative side of construction can help change its image and bring in more talent.

Underscoring Stability

Construction is a stable career choice with good pay and safe working conditions. Emphasizing these benefits can make the industry more attractive to young people looking for a secure job.


The construction industry needs to act now to close the skills gap. By engaging young people, recruiting underrepresented groups, and developing current workers, we can ensure a steady stream of skilled labor for the future. The efforts we make today will shape the construction workforce for years to come.


  1. Why is there a skills gap in construction?
    • Many older workers are retiring, and not enough young people are entering the field.
  2. How can we attract young people to construction?
    • Partnering with schools and offering hands-on programs like the ACE Mentor Program can help.
  3. Why should we recruit underrepresented groups?
    • Women, minorities, and veterans can bring fresh perspectives and skills to the industry.
  4. What is upskilling?
    • Upskilling is training current employees to improve their skills and prepare them for new roles.
  5. How can technology attract new workers to construction?
    • Showcasing modern tools like drones and virtual reality can appeal to tech-savvy young people.
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