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Why Should Glazing and Cladding Subcontractors Use Construction Software?

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If you manage a glazing or cladding company, you likely spend a lot of time calling foremen for updates and trying to solve problems before they become major issues. Even the best foremen are often too busy on-site to give regular updates, especially if they have to write out reports by hand or use old-fashioned methods like faxing.

Specialized software for glazing and cladding companies can streamline communication between job sites and the office, saving you time and money. Here’s how this software can help.

Get Rid of Most of the Paperwork

Most glazing and cladding companies have processes for tracking work on-site, including site diaries, health and safety forms, and productivity reports. However, doing paperwork manually on-site can be challenging, especially in dirty or wet conditions.

Software for glazing and cladding companies eliminates the need for manual paperwork, making it easier for foremen to complete and submit daily reports. If the software is cloud-based, you can receive reports in real-time, improving efficiency.

How Specialist Subcontractor Software Helps Your Business

Investing in specialist subcontractor software is a significant decision, but it comes with many benefits:

  • Get daily updates from every job site to see if production is on target.
  • Identify problems as they happen, allowing for quicker action to save time and money.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety and other on-site regulations.
  • Easily access information without sorting through piles of paperwork.

Software like Field View simplifies communication with job sites, freeing up more time for other important tasks in your glazing and cladding business.

How Specialist Subcontractor Software Helps Your Reputation

Years ago, everyone used old-fashioned methods on job sites. Today, general contractors, architects, and engineers use high-tech solutions like BIM, lasers, and GPS tools. By upgrading your business with specialized software for glazing and cladding companies, you can gather the information your clients need and improve your professional reputation.


Using QA software for specialist subcontractors helps you track projects carefully, delivering better results and addressing issues as they arise. This not only saves you time in the office but also enhances your professional image.

If you’re ready to start using specialist subcontractor software in your glazing or cladding business, Trimble can help. Contact our team to arrange a free demo and discover how we can help you complete jobs faster, better, and with more profit.

Additional Benefits of Construction Software

  1. Real-Time Communication: With construction software, you can communicate instantly with your team, regardless of their location. This real-time communication helps in making quick decisions and solving issues promptly.
  2. Better Resource Management: Software tools can help you manage resources efficiently by tracking the availability and usage of materials and equipment. This leads to better planning and reduces waste.
  3. Improved Documentation: Construction software helps in keeping all documents organized and easily accessible. This includes contracts, blueprints, permits, and more, ensuring that you always have the necessary information at your fingertips.


Using specialized software in your glazing or cladding business can transform how you manage projects. It reduces paperwork, provides real-time updates, ensures compliance, and enhances your professional reputation. Additionally, it offers benefits like better communication, resource management, and documentation. If you’re ready to make your business more efficient and profitable, consider investing in construction software.


1. What are the main benefits of using construction software for glazing and cladding companies?
Using construction software can streamline communication, reduce paperwork, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve project tracking, ultimately saving time and money.

2. How does construction software improve communication between job sites and the office?
Construction software provides real-time updates and cloud-based solutions, making it easier to share information and keep everyone on the same page, regardless of location.

3. Why is it important for construction companies to stay updated with the latest software?
Staying updated with the latest software ensures that companies can efficiently manage projects, comply with regulations, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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