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Top Construction Trends in the UK for 2024

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Construction in the UK is undergoing significant changes in 2023. After a challenging year, new trends are emerging that shape the industry’s future. Let’s look at some key trends that experts discussed in a recent webinar, including supply chain stability, office refurbishments, the pace of housebuilding, the importance of construction technology, and dispute activity.

Increased Supply Chain Stability

Supply chain stability is improving after the disruptions caused by Brexit and the war in Ukraine. Allan Wilen, Economics Director at Glenigan, shared that while supply chain costs and material availability are stabilizing, they remain higher than before. This stability is crucial for planning and budgeting in construction projects.

Refurbishment and Office Reimagining

Office refurbishments are becoming a major focus in the construction industry. The pandemic changed how we use office spaces, leading to an increase in repair and maintenance work. Many offices built in the 80s and 90s need updates to support collaborative working environments. Allan Wilen noted that companies are rethinking their office space requirements to enhance teamwork and engagement.

Housebuilding and Industrial Projects to Slow

The pace of housebuilding and industrial projects is expected to slow down. Simon Rawlinson from Arcadis explained that the housing market often experiences cycles of high and low demand. If sales rates improve, housebuilding will pick up again. Industrial projects, which have seen rapid growth, may also slow down as they tend to be completed quickly and can be affected by inflation and asset value reductions.

The Importance of Construction Technology

Construction technology is becoming increasingly important. More construction sites and businesses are using technology to manage operations and data. Ben Wallbank from Trimble Viewpoint emphasized the need for better data sharing and interpretation. He believes that 2023 will see significant steps toward making project data more accessible and useful across the industry.

Increased Dispute Activity in Construction

Dispute activity in construction is on the rise. As main contractors commit to remediate work, Simon Rawlinson predicts that disputes will become more common, especially if there is a slowdown in new projects. Allan Wilen suggested that to minimize disputes, businesses should consider flexible project provisions like granting extensions without cost and including fluctuation clauses in contracts.



The construction industry in the UK is evolving with new trends and challenges. Supply chain stability, office refurbishments, and the use of construction technology are key areas of focus. Housebuilding and industrial projects may slow down, and dispute activity could increase. Staying informed about these trends and adapting to changes can help businesses navigate the evolving landscape of the construction industry. By embracing new technologies and flexible practices, companies can ensure smoother operations and better project outcomes.


1. What are the key construction trends in the UK for 2024? Key trends include increased supply chain stability, a focus on office refurbishments, a slowdown in housebuilding and industrial projects, the growing importance of construction technology, and rising dispute activity.

2. Why is office refurbishment becoming important in 2024? Office refurbishment is important because the pandemic has changed how we use office spaces. Many offices built in the 80s and 90s need updates to support modern collaborative working environments.

3. How can construction businesses minimize disputes on projects? To minimize disputes, businesses can include flexible project provisions like granting extensions without cost and incorporating fluctuation clauses in contracts. This helps manage uncontrollable disputes more effectively.

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